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Pedestal Dining Tables – Stylish Design Idea, But Tricky

Family gathering around apedestal dining table has long been the tradition of many cultures. It’s a great space to relax and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Many pedestal tables are created with elegant charm and a rustic, gentle appearance to amplify this welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Not many people know that this type of table is very convenient precisely because of its peculiarity – the table has only one leg. In other words, it is a table on a pedestal base.

What is a Pedestal Dining Table?

It’s made on a single or double pedestal connecting the table surface with the leg. This type of kitchen furniture is very comfortable but relatively pint-size and is suitable for a small kitchen. If you have a small family of 3 or 4 people, that is a great choice. A double pedestal table, on the other hand, has larger dimensions than a single one. As a result, the capacity of seated persons is substantially greater.


Round pedestal table is the most prevalent shape. Oval and square shapes are rare to find. Manufacturers also make variations, such pedestal coffee table or pedestal side table in semi-circular shape attached to the wall directly. This smaller tables are convenient because you can move them from the wall and expand to a full-round shape. Pedestal tables can be sliding too – giving you two tables in one.

Is The Round Pedestal Dining Table a Cool Idea?

Since the round table has only one pedestal, seated persons can easily move their legs beneath the table surface. Comfort and convenience. No more legs tripping over each other!

The elegance and unusual design of a pedestal will make anyone pay attention to your kitchen. It can be of different sizes, forms, and thicknesses. This type of table can be made of glass, stone, or wood. As the result, there are many interesting table designs.

In addition, its multi-functionality is impressive. You can use it as a bedside table, a dining room table, or a stand for candles. Often people buy small pedestal tables as a stand for vases because its gentle look is perfect for decoration with flowers.

Here is an example of it used as a stand for a beautiful vase with a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers.

You can place the table wherever you want, thanks to its convenient shape. Moreover, the table really saves space, due to its different possible sizes and configurations.

Table For Flower

Pedestal Dining Tables Ideas

There are many stylish retro and modern designs using pedestal tables. For example, a black pedestal table set is both gorgeous and classic. It looks strong and rich. The set can be a multi-purpose dining table to have dinner with your family or a writing desk to carry out work meetings.

Pedestal Table

If you are the happy owner of a large family, a stone pedestal table is ideal for you. It has a stone surface and metal pedestal leg, which makes it reliable and strong. And thanks to its large size, your whole family will fit behind it, and you will have a great lunch together. The stone can vary, but popular choices are marble dining tables.

Stone Dining Table

How about a calm atmosphere and long conversation with an old friend over a cup of tea at the glass dining table?

Glass Pedestal Dining Desk

And if you are an elegant art enthusiast, you will absolutely adore this table. This is a great work of art on a pedestal leg.

Luxury Pedestal Dining Table

Do you want a homely, cozy, and rustic table? Then a wooden table will be the most suitable option. Look how beautiful and rich the double pedestal dining table is. It also has a rustic style with character.

Wooden Pedestal Dining Table

Can Buying Such Tables be a Bad Idea?

A beautiful pedestal table set can create a stunning design statement that draws everyone’s attention as they enter your space. However, it’s not cheap.

Since pedestal tables are small, they are not designed for large groups of people. If you have a large family, then a double pedestal table can be a good option, but it will be more expensive and harder to find.

In most cases, pedestal dining tables have a round or oval shape, so it will be difficult to place them directly against the wall. And if you still manage to do this, it will look inappropriate and, in turn, make it uncomfortable for those sitting around it. As a result, you will lose the space and beauty, the grandeur of such idea.

Pedestal design looks chic in the corners or in the middle, as well as on the side of the center. Try to place it that way.

Another downside to watch out for, is that the table is weak around the sides. Because the table’s support is in the center, pressing on the edge causes it to tilt to the pressure point. As the result, if you suddenly tilt it, all of your dishes and drinks may fall over.


Pedestal dining tables will always delight you and add a touch of luxury to your home. After all, producers and designers always introduce something fresh and stunningly gorgeous to the collection very year. There are many things to consider while deciding to buy or not to buy such an unusual table. We hope this article assisted you in making the right choice.

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