Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops – To Buy or Not? Top Reasons

Marble kitchen countertops will delight you with their unique beauty and elegance. Known for luxury, marble worktops are eco-friendly and suit any home interior. But what should you know before installing these expensive tabletops?

What is Marble?

Marble is a natural stone with organic compounds as its source. They were pressed throughout time and transported with the rock strata’s trajectory. As a result, the formation of calcite happened.

Marble Colors

Marble comes in a limited range of colors and mainly produces white and black kitchen countertops. These are the most common and easily accessible colors. However, there are still other shades of marble, such as gray, green, pink. Purple, blue, and brown are quite rare. Each color depends on different impurities in the marble rock.

Pros of Marble Kitchen Countertops

One of a Kind

Every piece of marble comes with its own individual pattern created by nature. There is no second alike. The veins look different everywhere. To put it differently, there’s no identical pattern. It’ll be the only specimen in your kitchen.

Among popular design choices, “Forest green”, “Forest brown” and “Forest gold” have the most interesting texture and patterns.

Fits any Interior in the House

Though limited in choices, marble kitchen countertops come in a variety of classic colors, ranging from white to blue, black, gold, brown, green, deep blue, and others. This makes it easy to match any interior style.

You also have the option of a matte or glossy finish. The marble “Bianco Carrara” is the densest and toughest. It has a variety of grey and white shades. As the result, this marble is easily among the best options for kitchen counters.

Looks Great Under Lighting

Natural marble does exude elegant beauty under proper lighting. When selecting marble, make sure to test them under different lighting temperatures and angles. It is vital to position the light correctly depending on the placement of the kitchen worktop. For example, a marble kitchen countertop naturally reflects daylight when there are windows nearby. It will be better to choose warm lighting if your marble bench is combined with wood. In this instance, cold lighting may not be appropriate for the decor.

Elegant Beauty

Marble countertops look chic, so the cost of your apartment increases significantly. These beautiful kitchen benches immediately attract the eye, as their delicate milky appearance will not leave you indifferent. The marble surface in the kitchen can remain cool during hot summer and give your apartment a rich look.

Alternatives to Expensive Marble

You can replace natural marble with artificial marble. When the cost of natural marble is prohibitively high, a selection like this is preferable. These worktops are made of Molded, «Oselkov», Crushed, or Flexible composite materials.

Let’s have a look at each variation

  • Molding consists of marble chips, quartz sand, and polyester resin. It’s cheaper than pure marble slabs but still has high noise absorption rates and durability.
Molding Marble for Kitchen
  • «Oselkov» consists of a painted mass of gypsum and glue water. Unfortunately, artificial marble surfaces have low aesthetic value. In comparision, natural marble kitchen countertops are bright and attractive.
Oselcove Marble slab
  • Crushed consists of powdered marble. Material that is both environmentally friendly and strong, as well as resistant to wear. Working with marble chips is quite challenging. It will take a long time and effort to sand such a tabletop. Natural marble slabs, on the other hand, are easier to deal with.
Crushed Marble stone
  • Flexible or liquid. It consists of marble chips and acrylic polymers. This type of marble has a high resistance to external factors. Its main advantage is its elastic structure. Flexible marble easily takes on the various shapes of the required countertop and can be fixed on uneven bases. Because natural marble does not have a lot of elasticity, the kitchen tabletop will only be straight.
Liquid Marble

However, this will only be an imitation of natural marble and it’s an inexpensive replacement. The cost of artificial marble varies from $15 to $100 per square meter (or 10 square feet).

Cons of Marble Countertops


Marble slabs are very soft, especially in the places where there are veins. Since the veins are very fragile, you can break them off with your hands. However, it is still a sufficiently hard kitchen countertop, you cannot cut it with a knife, but scratches and chips will be visible. You should avoid cutting directly on the marble kitchen bench and use a cutting board.

Sensitivity to Temperature Changes

Since marble is highly sensitive to temperature, don’t put hot objects on it. Very hot frying pans with oil, pots, grills, etc., will damage the stone. Kitchen countertops made of marble can immediately crack, or even burst from sudden changes in temperature.

Marble Stone is Porous

Marble is a porous material, therefore any spilled liquid should be wiped up as soon as possible. Otherwise, the kitchen worktop may deteriorate due to humidity. As a result, wine or juice stains would be impossible to remove. But with proper care, everything will be ok.

Daily Care

You should do daily marble care, but be careful, as it’s necessary to wash the marble surface with special stone care products. Marble tabletops absolutely don’t tolerate the effects of aggressive chemicals and acids. Otherwise, calcite will simply corrode from acids. Please use a mild soap solution to clean.

Sealing the Marble Worktop

Due to the porosity of the material, the marble kitchen countertop must be sealed on a regular basis with specialized formulations to prevent the growth of bacteria and the creation of mold. The top 5 best sealers for marble are “Tuff Duck”, “Tenax”, “Miracle Sealants”, “StoneTech BulletProof”, “Black Diamond”.

Very High Cost

Marble is a very expensive natural stone. Some types of marble are worth their weight in gold because the sources are drying out. The cost of a low-priced marble countertop per square meter (or 10 square feet) starts at around $215.

Granite vs Marble vs Quartz Countertops

If you can’t decide what material to use for your future countertop, have a look at the video below. It displays the results of a crash test for moisture absorption, fire resistance, and mechanical stress. Consider the three most common countertop materials thanks to the video. What material will be the best? Marble, quartz, or granite kitchen countertops?


Marble kitchen countertops are an excellent choice for a luxurious appearance in your home. However, marble loses in comparison to granite and quartz kitchen countertops in many practical characteristics. Granite and quartz are tougher and more moisture-resistant than marble, making them more suitable for use in the kitchen. Remember that with appropriate care, a beautiful marble countertop will serve you just no worse than others. Nothing compares to the unique pattern and elegance of marble surfaces.

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